Description - "Lathrop St. and Kendall Ave., Madison, Wisconsin"
Chuck Bauer of Madison, Wisconsin. Oil on canvas 16 x 24 inches.

An original oil painting on canvas by award-winning local artist Chuck Bauer. Handsome, simple ash wood frame enhances without distracting from this exciting work. The subject of the painting is a historic home in the University Heights neighborhood of Madison, Wisconsin, and is a stunning example of the artist's signature style of heightened color used to achieve the strong sensation of light and shade. The more modern campus buildings in the background suggest the nearby presence of constant change on the edge of Madison's oldest suburban neighborhood.

A dedicated student of architecture, the artist strives to preserve buildings on canvas, paying close attention to how light and shadow play into the whole, and how they interplay to affect color. His works are studies in contrast, evoking the solitude and timelessness of Edward Hopper, but often with a surprising and happily shocking palette.